by Cath
    4 Lessons

    WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? If you struggle to love yourself or often find yourself in unhealthy relationships/friendships, then, this is the course for you! WHAT IS THE GOAL? To achieve a healthy sense of self-worth that you can feel within yourself and recognise in others. HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS? Through the act of creating new habits, visualisation, positivity and affirmations, we increase our feelings of self-worth. WHY SHOULD YOU 'FIND YOUR WORTHY'? Everyone is unique and worthy as they are, yet so many people don't feel it. Increasing your feelings of self-worth will help you to align, find your purpose, feel happier, more confident and will get you on track to living your best life! WHAT YOU'LL NEED A pen, notebook, your imagination and the desire to live your best life! PLEASE REMEMBER: I can't make you feel worthy; I only give you the tools and guide you. Your desire to change and the effort you put is will get you closer to healthy self-worth.