Imagine a white light

For the next three weeks, try to imagine everyone you meet (animals too) with a beautiful, glowing white light where their heart is. Remember to include yourself in this whenever you look in the mirror or imagine yourself.

Of course, this glowing white light is your/their worth. By imagining it in others, it will not only bring a new sense of love and kindness to your environment, it will also help and remind you to recognise your own worth.

Why three weeks?

Well, it takes at least three weeks to create a new habit. Imagining a white light in yourself and others, like any other habit, will take practice. There will, of course be times when you forget and times in your life when you don’t do it at all, but, the point of this exercise is to get you into a self-worth mindset.

In the future, if you’re in a situation where you might be about to judge someone (which we’ve all done at times), visualising that beautiful white light in them will hopefully add a new perspective.

This exercise promotes peace, love and kindness.

Please note: This doesn’t apply to dangerous or abusive situations. Please seek help in this case.

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