Overcome your self-worth limits

Imagine yourself as you are now. You’ve only just received your beautiful white light of self-worth, you’ve got your developed adult mind and intelligence, but, without the limiting beliefs of others (or your own). It’s like you’ve got a fresh start. Your level of self-worth is high.

Get a pen and paper, think carefully and answer these questions as the new you:

  • How would you feel?
  • What would you do now that you wouldn’t have done before?
  • Would you act differently? If so, how?
  • How would having a high level of self-worth improve your life?

Bring yourself back to the current version of you.

What is stopping you from living this way now?

Write down all of your reasons. Look at what you’ve written and work on one reason at a time. Break it down further by asking yourself:

WHO? – makes me feel like this (yourself or someone else)?

WHAT? – could have caused this/what else could they be thinking?

WHEN? – do I feel like this?

WHERE? – does this happen?

WHY? – do I want to change this?

HOW? – could I work on this?

By asking yourself these questions, it allows you to see things at a deeper level or more clearly. Answering these questions is the first step to making positive changes in your life.

For even more clarity, you could ask yourself:

  • Am I being true to myself?
  • Am I compromising my morals/beliefs for something or someone else?
  • Am I happy in this situation?
  • Am I physically/mentally/emotionally safe?
  • Am I taking responsibility for my own actions?
  • Am I surrounding myself with mainly positive or negative people/situations?

Ask as many questions as you can to gain more clarity. Hopefully, you’ll now have a deeper understanding of what’s holding you back and feel more able to move forward towards your highest self.

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